GAFFA (Grovedale Arts Festival For All) is an evening that showcases the work of Performing Arts and Visual Arts students. Students perform live music, dance and dramatic acts as well as presenting many short films and displays by Media and Visual Arts students.  The evening is presented using professional lighting and sound equipment as well as professional video editing and recording, which students learn to operate and manipulate.

This event is a very unique opportunity as it not only gives students a professional platform on which to perform but also inspires and facilitates the training of those students interested in the “behind the scenes” area of production and performance.

GAFFA is held in Term 3 each year in the College Gymnasium. Tickets will be available at the door or from the Administration Office.


Each year the college presents a Musical. Past productions have included  Peter Pan, Lucky, In Your Dreams, Back to The 80’s and The Three Musketeers.

Students rehearse each week after school and during lunchtimesrefining their theatrical and musical skills. Students are also involved in technical production. hair and make up.

In May 2017 the college will present ‘BATS’. The show takes place in the remote village of Humperdink in the shire of Engelberta in the Transylvanian Alps. The Village has survived for centuries by growing grapes, and even though they can boast about Count Dracula’s castle, no one really seems to care. The towns ‘Grape Harvest’ is their main industry, but when the grape harvest is ruined by disease and the town is on the verge of bankruptcy, they need outside money, so decide to market their attraction as a loacation for creatures of horror.



VCE Arts and Technology Showcase Exhibition

The VCE Art and Technology Exhibition is an annual event which showcases the work of VCE students from across the Arts and Technology subjects. This is an opportunity for friends and family to view work demonstrating a variety of methods, media and techniques from a range of subjects.