Sports Academy


The purpose of the Grovedale College Sports Academy is to provide specialist sports coaching, together with leadership and initiative training and personal development activities to maximize the development of the whole student, which will facilitate students to participate in elite sport competitions, coaching and sports admin courses.

The Sports Academy also aims to stimulate student contributions to their learning and the desire to stay at Grovedale College as a positive College community member.

Outcomes For Students

  • Participation in a stimulating specialist program extending from Year 7 through to Year 11
  • Extensive skill development from high quality specialist coaches
  • Personalised support for chosen academic program
  • Clear links established with sport pathways beyond the College
  • At the completion of Year 11, students will have attained their Certificate II in Sport & Recreation as well as a contribution to their ATAR score in Year 12

Admission to the Program is not automatic and is based on the following criteria:

  1. Sport Participation
  • Levels of competition played
  • Record of sporting participation
  • Displays high level of interest in the Sport & Fitness industry
  1. Personal Attributes
  • Shows initiative and a positive attitude
  • Displays good sportsmanship
  • Accepts advice and instruction from coaches in order to improve performance (Ability to be coached)
  1. Academic Progress
  • Shows a record of academic progress
  • Has a school wide record of positive behaviour
  1. Leadership
  • Shows a record of school based leadership
  • Shows a record of Community based involvement (not necessarily sport)
  • Displays the characteristics of a positive role model