Middle School

Middle Years Curriculum Overview

Grovedale College’s curriculum focus centres around very explicit teaching and feedback. Students work with their e learning devices to organise their handouts, research, complete learning activities and communicate with their teachers. This is combined with handwritten tasks to allow for balanced skills and exam preparation for senior years. The Middle years also develops students knowledge of career pathways and engages them in a variety of community programs.

We have a rich program of cultural activities designed to expand on the knowledge and experiences of our students.

LEAD: Learning Through Enquiry and Academic Depth

At Year 9 our students are involved in LEAD Day. The Year 9 LEAD day program is a Grovedale College initiative that has been designed to allow students to develop their enquiry based skills, problem solving ability and depth of analysis through collaborative learning. Each term focuses on a core topic where students learn key knowledge and work towards achievement of the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities standards. These topics are chosen with the pedagogical development of the student in mind and include: Leadership and Wellbeing, Sustainability, the Geelong Region and the World of Work, and Popular Culture. As part of the study of each of these key areas students are taken regularly into the local community to engage with stakeholders and learn about our region. Small projects are completed in this subject also, where student can showcase their achievements to the whole of Year 9.

LEAD is also centred around building positive learning relationships between student and teacher. The LEAD teachers are dedicated Home Group teachers who will, along with taking LEAD lessons, take their class for a timetabled subject, such as English or Mathematics. This positive relationship lays the foundations for learning in future years and assists in the guidance of career pathways.

The program runs for one day each week, and is supplemented with Focus Group lessons to reinforce learning.

YEAR 9 Summit Camp

The Year 9 camp is conducted early in Term 1 in conjunction with the LEAD day program and gives the students the opportunity of working in their home groups to complete adventure based challenges. It also allows the students to continue to build on the relationships they already have with their peers as well as begin to build new ones with other students.

The philosophy of the camp is to try and challenge students both mentally and physically using these three pillars. Target (set a goal that is achievable), Stretch (set a goal that puts you outside your comfort zone) & Super Stretch (set a goal that swwms impossible when you first think of it) which allows students to  complete the adventure based activities at their level and achieve success.

This helps set up the year for the Year 9 students who can look back on and reflect what they achieved at camp and use this as a platform to build for a successful year in Year 9.