November marks the beginning of our series of celebrations. The next two weeks will be graduations.

Year 9 Celebration Day is today, when we will celebrate our Year 9 students three years in our Middle School. I am looking forward to sharing their reminisces and successes.

Year 12 Graduation is at GMHBA Stadium on Wednesday 16 November 2022. I am looking forward to celebrating with the Class of 2022. They have had a challenging few years and have worked hard to achieve their VCE and VCAL Certificates. It will be wonderful to share this event with their families.

Wednesday 23 November will see the Sports Academy Awards and Celebrations. Friday 16 December will be our Awards Day, with the Awards celebrated in each Sub School and held during the school day. Recognising success with students in their Sub School celebrates success and encourages aspiration.

Along the way, we return to our more traditional promotions programs, as students complete activities in their next year levels and an end of year program that offers external activities.

Please monitor the calendar so that you can remind your child and share in their enthusiasms and celebrations. This week also marks a farewell for some key staff. On Friday, Mr Mike Grec and Ms Vanice Barker move on from Grovedale College. Mr Grec has taught with us for the past seven years, inspiring many young mathematicians and teachers. We wish him well as he moves into a new career. Ms Barker has been Canteen Manager at Grovedale College for over ten years, feeding so many of us on a daily basis and contributing to many school activities. Ms Barker is also moving onto a new career pathway and we wish her all the best.


Janet Matthews
College Principal