Sports Academy


The purpose of the Grovedale College Sports Academy is to provide specialist sports coaching, together with leadership and initiative training and personal development activities to maximize the development of the whole student. The program builds the students skills and knowledge to participate in elite sport competitions, coaching and other elite sport professions.

Structure of the Program

The Sports Academy program runs from Year 7 through to the end of Year 11. In Year 11, students obtain their Certificate III in Vet Sport & Recreation as well as a study score that is put towards their ATAR at the end of Year 12. Full details of the program can be downloaded through the links at the bottom of the page.

Outcomes For Students

  • Participation in a stimulating specialist program extending from Year 7 through to Year 11
  • Extensive skill development from high quality specialist coaches
  • Clear links established with sport pathways beyond the College
  • At the completion of Year 11, students will have attained their Certificate III in Sport & Recreation as well as a contribution to their ATAR score in Year 12
  • Proven track record of graduating students into elite sport professions

Admission to the Program is not automatic and is based on criteria. Please see attached document for further information.

Sports Academy Graduates

The Sports Academy has provided a variety of pathways and successful careers in Elite Sport.  Some of our most recent include:

Gryan Miers (Class of 2017)

“The Sports Academy was an awesome program to be a part of. Both the academic side and the training sessions were crucial to my enjoyment of school and progression to becoming an AFL player. The extra sessions throughout the week with knowledgeable coaches made it easy to improve my football and build a great fitness base. I would recommend it to anyone who loves playing or learning about different sports and fitness.”

Carly Remmos (Class of 2020)

“Sports academy was one of my first exposures to elite training, which really helped me prepare for elite sport in the future. Although I chose not to be a part of the football academy, the fitness training sessions helped me develop in different aspects such as cardio, strength and speed. It is more than just sport, there are multiple opportunities in leadership as well. The work that goes into the Sports Academy program is enormous and I couldn’t be more thankful of all the staff for my development in both sport and leadership.”