This Term in Week 2 saw the College showcase our first Art and Technology Expo for three years! It was greatly anticipated by the staff across the two KLA’s, as well as the students, who were able to finally exhibit their products and artwork to their peers, parents and wider school community.

Of course, there were also a lot of nerves around how it would go and if we would have people turn up on the night! There was a great sense of community as we welcomed a large number of families, past students and staff members and other staff members onsite to view the works. It was a fabulous opportunity to exhibit the creative and problem-solving talents of the 2022 VCE students of Studio Art, Product Design, Visual Communication and Design, Media, Computing/Software Development and Systems Engineering. We were also treated to our VCE/VET Kitchen Operations students providing delicious homemade savoury and sweet items, which they proudly offered throughout the evening, backed up by music provided by Chloe Breen and Simon Wilson, which really made the evening feel very special.

We thank all VCE and VET students who displayed their work for the exhibition, which demonstrated not only their creative talents and courage in having their work critiqued, but also gave us an insight into their world as individuals and what is important to them in these chaotic times.

Heather Backhouse – Art KLA Leader
Nick Ludowyk – Technology KLA Leader