Arrangements for Learning From Home

As announced on Friday, schools will be closed during the 3 day lockdown, Monday-Wednesday. Below I have outlined the arrangements for your child and their learning over this period.

This 3 day lockdown is not a return to the remote learning of 2020, but a ‘scaled back’ version. There will be work for students to complete in all classes and they will also be expected to answer the attendance questions in Home Group and classes so that an attendance roll can be maintained. This also allows us to monitor our students’ well-being.

The routine:

  1. Log into Home Group and each timetabled class in Google classroom. Answer the attendance question.
  2. Compass and Google classroom will contain work to be completed/continued. Google class codes will be included on Compass. Google and Compass are accessible from any device.
  3. If parents have concerns regarding student well-being or devices, please phone the College. Responses may be delayed due to the requirement to work from home, but you will be heard and your concerns will be actioned.
  4. Detailed instructions for year 7 students and families are on Compass.
  5. Vulnerable students and students of essential workers are eligible to attend school. A form will be available for completion upon arrival on Monday to determine eligibility and to ensure appropriate staffing levels are in place.

There will be sufficient work in classes for student learning to continue, but not to the extent of remote teaching and learning. Teachers are not expected to be available to students in classes. Teachers will be focusing on developing resources for future remote learning or if there is an extension to the 5 day lockdown.
Our Year 7 Meet and Greet, scheduled for Tuesday evening, is postponed.

Despite this lockdown, we remain optimistic about Term 1. We have a number of events and activities planned. I am delighted that we had the Opportunity on Thursday to spend the day together as a school community at the Watersports. It is important that we plan for these social and school activities while we also plan for quality remote learning, if needed.

Take Care and Stay Safe