Assessment & Reporting

Assessment at Grovedale College is ongoing throughout the school year. All teachers engage with their students to evaluate learning and respond to student needs and learning styles. Assessment is carried out in all classes using ongoing observations, quizzes, projects and assignments, oral presentations and self assessments. In addition there are regular homework programs such as the web-based “Maths Online” program from years 7 to 10 which students complete at home and parents can monitor. In year 9 we begin to introduce formal examinations and the senior school have timetabled, formal, large-scale semester examinations in all subjects.

Teachers have ongoing conversations regarding student progress with parents as necessary through phone calls and notes in student organisers. Formal written reports are made at the end of Term one and again in June, September and December.

Reports in March, June and September are followed by Parent -Teacher- Student Conferences for students.

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