Our College

At Grovedale College we offer a strong academic environment providing opportunities for all students to excel and achieve their best. At the forefront of eLearning and curriculum development Grovedale College offers a rigorous and challenging curriculum based on achieving optimum results for all students.

The curriculum from Years 7-10 is based on the AUS VELS Standards with Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE ) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) undertaken at Years 11 and 12.

In Years 7-8 students undertake a common curriculum program with access to a wide possible range of learning areas through English and Mathematics, Humanities and Science, Arts and Technology, LOTE (Italian), Health and Physical Education. Curriculum based celebration experiences such as ‘Cultural Diversity week’ and ‘Medieval Day’ provide rich opportunities for students to engage in deepening their understanding of themselves and others.

In Year 9, students work closely with the community through the ‘River to the Coast’ program, engaging with staff in setting and achieving goals, exploring the local Geelong region and looking towards their future pathways. Undertaking core subjects in literacy and numeracy also the ‘River to the Coast’ program enriches all areas across the curriculum. Themes such as World of Work, Sustainability, Why is the Barwon River important and Popular Culture provide a wide range of stimulating learning experiences that encourage academic engagement and success.

Year 10 students undertake a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Arts and Health and Physical Education and they make choices about their other subjects through our extensive Course Counselling process.  With a focus on achieving academic success to begin pathways Year 10 students also undertake a work experience program.

Grovedale College offers a wide range of subjects for all disciplines in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Programs.

Our unique Sports Academy and Fitness centre facilities continue to provide academic courses and specialist coaching in AFL, netball and fitness through to VCE.

The College offers many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities. An extensive Instrumental Music Program, GAFFA the annual Arts festival and College Production have enriched the lives of the students at Grovedale College. Students have many opportunities to build their leadership skills representing the College as school, house and arts captains and through camps and many programs regularly offered to them.

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