We are very pleased to present a virtual tour of Grovedale College. We know we would love to have our families visit on-site but while we wait for restrictions to lift we hope this virtual tour will give you an insight into the amazing environment and opportunities that are available at Grovedale College.

Process of Enrolment

Enrolment of students into the college is set out by DET guidelines and there is a clear process which is followed. In Term 2 primary schools will provide an application for enrolment form to all Grade 6 students. Families need to complete these forms and return them to their primary school. Those families which select Grovedale College will be collated and sent to the College. Parents will receive a letter early in Term 3 confirming the enrolment with the relevant enrolment forms.

In term 4 all students attending in Grovedale College for the following year will be invited to the College where families and students will be provided with important information relating to booklists, camps and other programs on offer.

Grade 6

Application for Enrolment forms will be sent to Primary Schools by the end of May and distributed to parents. The timeline for grade 6 into year 7 enrolment is outlined on the Department of Educations website: https://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/transition-year-6-7/policy

An information evening for parents of primary school students will be held in March (children welcome), check the school calendar on the homepage for further details. Tours of the College and a BBQ will commence at 6.30pm. Formal activities commence at 7.00pm with Information provided about the College in general, as well as specific information about transition, curriculum, student services and welfare.

Parents choosing Grovedale College for their child will receive a letter in Term 3. Enrolment forms, uniform and camp details will be provided.

Primary School teachers will complete Transition forms early in Term 4. This information assists the College in indentifying individual students needs as well as providing general background information.

Staff and current students from the College will visit primary schools (prior to Orientation week) to meet with students and their teachers to give further information, answer questions and address any concerns.

A package of information will be distributed to parents at the College Welcome Evening. The package will include several forms such as Application for School bus travel, booklists and other relevant information. These forms will need to be returned to Grovedale College by the date indicated.

Students enrolled at Grovedale College for Year 7 will be given the opportunity to have another look at their new school over a three day program. Students will be placed in their Home Groups. A number of forms from the Information Package are to be completed and returned to Grovedale College during the Orientation Program.

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