Junior School

Junior Years Curriculum Overview

Junior students at Grovedale College are involved in rich and stimulating curriculum. The curriculum is structured so that students are exposed to all learning areas. They study English, Maths, Science and Humanities for both semesters each year to enhance numeracy and literacy skills. They also study Italian language for both semesters. Year 7 and 8 students have the oppourtunity to take part in the ‘Sports Academy’ program or alternatively the ‘Mind, Body Leadership’ program. All other subjects are offered for a single semester, to facilitate a broard exposure to learning areas. Digital literacy is embeddeed into the curiculum in which students use devices as one of the many learning tools used in the classroom.

Cultural Diversity Week – Year 7

Students at this year level participate in a range of workshops and performances immersing them in different cultures. In previous performances we have had performances from Brazilian and African musicians and Indian dancers. An Aboriginal elder also worked with students to develop Dreamtime stories. The highlight of this week is the Multicultural Feast prepared by the Food Technology department and the fashion parade.

Year 7 students also work on developing picture story books which they present to local primary school students.

Medieval Day celebrations- Year 8

This complements our historical study of Medieval Europe, where presenters expose students to a range of topics including armour, dance, justice and medicine. Students remember this day for many years, for the Medieval dress-ups, hands on experience,banquette and observing the skills required in a Medieval battle.

Leadership Day

Leadership Day involves the Year 8 cohort and implementing workshops to a visiting Primary School. The students develop team communication skills and develop understanding of what Leadership is. This compliments the Year 9 Lead Day Program.

These students are also involved in Year 8 Leadership day, developing skills workshops in groups to teach to visiting primary school students.