College Gazette Issue 17

The College Gazette is now available including an attachment from McHarry’s Buslines. Thank you Issue_17_10.11.2022 School_Bus_Travellers_Childsafe_standards_notice_to_parents

VCE Art and Technology Expo 2022

This Term in Week 2 saw the College showcase our first Art and Technology Expo for three years! It was greatly anticipated by the staff across the two KLA’s, as well as the students, who were able to finally exhibit their products and artwork to their peers, parents and wider school community. Of course, there […]


We are there, the middle of Term 4, which fills the Wellbeing Team with a sense of pride and reassurance that the school year and our students have nearly ticked off another great year of learning and social development. The Year 12s will be almost finished with their exams when this newsletter hits the press […]


Do you have uniform items you don’t need? As we get to the end of the year, sometimes you might find uniform items you don’t need. Our Wellbeing Team is looking for donations of any secondhand uniform items which families no longer require. These items support other students and families when in need. If you […]


November marks the beginning of our series of celebrations. The next two weeks will be graduations. Year 9 Celebration Day is today, when we will celebrate our Year 9 students three years in our Middle School. I am looking forward to sharing their reminisces and successes. Year 12 Graduation is at GMHBA Stadium on Wednesday […]

Article #3

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